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Joint European Exascale Projects Workshop - Edinburgh 18th-19th March Slides and Presentations

Copies of the slides and Presentations from the Joint Exascale Projects Workshop in Edinburgh

Day 1

Professor Mark Parsons - Welcome

Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos - HPC in H2020Slides


Overview of the projects:

Wilfried Verachtert - EXA2CT - Slides

Stefano Markidis - EPIGRAM

Riccardo Rossi - NUMEXAS- Slides

Alex Ramirez - Mont-Blanc and Mont-Blanc 2- Slides

Estela Suarez - DEEP and DEEPER - Slides

Lorna Smith - CRESTA- Slides

Bernd Mohr - EESI-2 - Slides

Tools for Exascale - including new user requirements:

Bernd Mohr - DEEP and Mont-Blanc - Scalasca - Slides

Judith Giménez - DEEP and Mont-Blanc - Extrae/Paraver- Slides

Tobias Hilbrich - CRESTA - Vampir and CRESTA Tools - Slides


Use cases:

  • Stefano Markidis - EPiGRAM - Use Case of Tools in EPiGRAM - Slides

  • Riccardo Rossi - NUMEXAS - Slides

  • Eric Petit - EXA2CT


Day 2

Programming models for Exascale:

Daniel Holmes - EPiGRAM - Message passing and PGAS - Slides

Jesus Labarta - Mont-Blanc (and DEEP) - OmpSs

Alistair Hart - CRESTA - OpenACC - Slides

Norbert Eicker - DEEP - ParaStation Global MPI

Eric Petit - EXA2CT


Innovative Algorithms for Exascale:

Wim Vanroose - EXA2CT - Slides

Riccardo Rossi - NUMEXAS

Dmitry Khabi - CRESTA - Slides

Collaboration Workshop - Edinburgh March 2014 Photos

Pictures from the Collaboration Workshop that was held in Edinburgh on the 18 & 19th March 2014, thank you to everyone that attended.

Please email Andy (a.mcdonald at if you would like a hi-res version of any of the photos. Website file size limitations don't allow us to upload them here.

 EPCC 012

 EPCC 016

 EPCC 024

 EPCC 035

 EPCC 046

 EPCC 048

 EPCC 062

 EPCC 068

 EPCC 095

 EPCC 098

 EPCC 110

 EPCC 112

 EPCC 114

 EPCC 119

 EPCC 104

European Exascale Projects Meeting Underway

The European Projects Meeting being held in Edinburgh over the course of today and tomorrow has started.  With talks from representives from CRESTA, DEEP, MONT-BLANC, EPIGRAM, NUMEXAS and EXA2CT, the next two days promise to be very interesting for all of those attending. 

We're pleased to report that our colleagues from Europe have also brought the sun with them to Edinburgh today!

Copies of the talks and a group photograph will be available on the CRESTA website following the meeting. 

Collaboration Workshop - Edinburgh March 2014

Collaboration Workshop - Edinburgh March 2014

This is a collaboration meeting between CRESTA, DEEP, MONT-BLANC, EPIGRAM, NUMEXAS and EXA2CT.

Venue: Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh.

You can now register for the collaboration workshop in Edinburgh on the 18th & 19th March 2014.

Registration is now closed for this event.

Accommodation can be arranged through Edinburgh First or there are a wide range of B&Bs, hotels and guest houses within easy distance of the Forum.

Introducing the CRESTA Exascale Videos

We recently produced a portfolio of videos to showcase the work of CRESTA. The key challenge in making these videos was to explain highly complex technology and applications to policy makers, industrialists and citizens; and through good storytelling enable the CRESTA mission to relate to people’s everyday concerns in a memorable way.

We hope that you enjoy these videos, and that they provide some insight into the fascinating and important work being carried out with our project.

View the videos here

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